Anna D’Acunto (vocals)

Anna loves music, cooking and her cats, equally. Since she can’t decide between the microphone and the wooden spoon, she matches baroque music to appetizers, jazz and bossanova to main courses, blueberry spirit to end the concert. Sometimes, she sings to her dishes, while she creates them.

Graduated in Philosophy at Pisa University in 2009, graduated in Opera singing at ”Conservatorio Giacomo Puccini”, La Spezia. She studied with M° Antonella Biagioni, Gigliola Caputi, Enza Ferrari. She is well experienced in performing the vocal music of Mozart and of the Baroque repertoire. As a jazz singer, she started her career with th pianist Leo Ravera. Afterwards, she performed with many jazz musicians from the Italian scene among which: Andrea Imparato, Leona Laviscount, Michele Stefanini, Alessandro Piccioli, Daviano Rotella, Paolo Mari.



Anna D'Acunto e Leo Ravera disegno

Leo Ravera, piano

Leo loves music, chess and all kinds of games. He plays the piano and music is his profession, but he thinks he is much better as a chess player. He is tender and sweet to his piano, but do not provoke him while playing Risk: he can become cruel.

Born in Bologna, Italia, in 1974, he graduated with a degree in Spanish Literature at Pisa University with a thesis on Spanish Baroque music. He graduated in classical piano at the La Spezia Conservatory and jazz music at the Livorno Conservatory. He attended Masterclass from Franco D’Andrea, Enrico Pieranunzi, Giorgio Gaslini, Barry Harris. With the tenor saxophonist Andrea Imparato he recorded the CDs “Dear Legacy” (2008) and Jazzola (2009). He also recorded the CD “Salsamba” with his own latin-jazz trio. He performed jazz music in Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and collaborated with many artists among which: Luciano Milanese, Federico Bertelli, Andrea Imparato, Alberto Benicchi, Gianni Cazzola, Aldo Zunino, Massimo Chiarella, Fabrizio Bosso (Italia); Leona Laviscount, Richard Gerber, Mike Campagna (USA); Marcos Borges, Rod Olivera, Patricia Moreyra (Brasile); Mariano Steinberg (Argentina); Cristian Oriol (Spagna).



SalSamba disegno

Alessandro Piccioli, drums & percussions

Alessandro is sober in life as in music, he loves the essential and disregards what is unnecessary. He is honest and rude but to his band mates he is sensitive and generous: he kindly supports them with his drums.

Graduated in Jazz at the La Spezia Conservatory, he studied both classical percussions and jazz drums. He attended the Berkley Clinics (Umbria 1999). He performed as a jazz drummer with: Riccardo Zegna, Pietro Leveratto, Franco Nesti, Dimitri Espinoza, Milko Ambrogini, Andrea Zanzottera, Nino Pellegrini, Andrea Imparato, Leonardo Boni, Carmelo Tartamella, Mauro Avanzini, Stefano Onorati, Andrea Corvini, Nicola Vernuccio, Gilson Silvera, Maurizio Giammarco, Christopher Culpo, Renato Sellani. He teaches Jazz and Brazilian drums.